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Doctor Who

Currently obsessed with Doctor Who and am counting down on other blogs toward new episode on March 30th. Had to share some not for younger fans coolness.


Artist who constructed a DW dildo lovingly titled the Tardis Tickler.


the top 6 Doctor Who dildo sex puns. (It was 10 originally but 4 of them weren’t worth regenerating.)

  1. It’s bigger on the inside.
  2. Next up — the Dalek buttplug.
  3. K-9 attachment only legal in Sweden and Denmark.
  4. Dildos are cool.
  5. Time And Relative Dimension In Sex.
  6. Come along, Pond.


As a nod to keeping this blog nominally about writing… would love to see and/or feature fan or slash fiction. Or share your favorite place to find the same.


A little something under the tree

1pinSo, Santa, got a nice little package for me. Is it a pearl necklace? Let start unwrapping…

And she gives great head

"Taken" by surprise

"Taken" by surprise

Kinky steampunk laughs