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famous pervs

Bigfoot is a pervert

and if that wasn’t proof enough check out this from the Bigfoot experts. If I had napped with the caretaker would I have discovered he was Robin Williams fuzzy and well known in the area for peeping and wailing at swimming pubescents? file# 05069


Josephine county, OR

Nearest town: 
Cave Junction
Nearest road: 
Rocky Dale
sunny, no clouds
early afternoon
I was 13 don’t remember the address of the place but the river was about 250 yard from the main road

Description of event:
 I was swimming with my mother at the creek/river when we saw something very tall behind a tree watching us. My mother yelled at, what we thought was a man, to come out. The creature started to shake a 1-2 foot thick tree, it stopped peeked at us and started to shake it again. The secound time it started shaking the tree it wailed/screamed at us. A horrid dreadful feeling rolled over my body and she stood watching before running back home.

record updated: 
2010-06-05 03:16:35

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